Members of this group have developed a number of activities that have resulted in cultural exchanges between students in Corvallis and Gondar. Three schools are currently engaged with C-GSCA and participate as “sister schools.” Presentations have been made to faculty and administrators resulting in the following projects:

Linus Pauling Middle School:

  • The “photo albums” project was completed in May, 2010. Students took pictures during the spring term of their lives here in Corvallis. In June, a C-GSCA member traveled to Gondar and distributed them to teachers and students at TY School.
  • Lesson plans are being developed by students to share with TY School in the future. Topics range from math, music, dances to baking/cooking.
  • A third project of students knitting blankets/quilts has been completed with delivery of blankets to Gondar in February, 2011.

Mountain View

  • Students have engaged in a fundraising and school supplies collection drive to be sent to TY School.

Ashbrook School

  • Pen pal letters are being written by 5th grade students to students at TY School.
  • 5th grade students are also engaged in a study project of Africa and Ethiopia to be presented to the school’s 4th grade students.

Lessons-in-a-Box Project –make this a link to read as follows:

Curriculum lesson plans have been developed by volunteer teachers and members of C-GSCA as tool kits ( “education in a box”) and made available to Corvallis area schools and churches for their use. Teachers in the Corvallis schools will provide feedback as to the effectiveness of these lessons. In turn, they will be shared with teachers at Tsadiku Yohannes Elementary School (Gondar) as part of the design of a “model school” project.