In 2007, C-GSCA’s Education Work Group formed a partnership with Gondar’s Tsadiku Yoahannes Elementary School (TY), serving approximately 2000 children daily from primarily lower income families. Through fund-raising efforts in 2008, the Education Work Group raised funds to have new blackboards built and installed in every classroom of the school.

C-GSCA’s Education Work Group has collaborated closely with faculty and teachers of TY school, the Gondar College of Teacher Education, the Gondar Ministry of Education, and Link Ethiopia, C-GSCA’s Education Work Group to meet success in addressing the above three priorities.

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In 2017, the work plan of the Education Work Group has been extended  to include a collaboration with projects of the Water and Watershed Work Group.  As of March, 2017, efforts are underway between the Water and Education Work Groups to collaboratively help in the planning and construction of a kindergarten for one specific kebele on the outskirts of Gondar.  The project is further coordinated through the efforts of Link Ethiopia, a NGO affiliate which has provided coordinated oversight on the ground in Gondar.

In March, 2018 Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund Foundation (OHBD) submitted a grant request to the EWG for funds  to produce and distribute 2 bi-lingual books for their Ready Set Go Readers series to be produced and distributed to schools in Gondar to support literacy development .  Partnering with OHBD 5th graders at Wilson Elementary School in Corvallis submitted illustrations for the Gondar-themed books.  2 books were published through Ethiopia Reads (2,000 copies) and distributed to schools in Gondar in October, 2018.  The stimulus for this project came out of a presentation by Jane Kurtz at the CSCA-Gondar/ Education Work Group 2018 Taste of Ethiopia Dinner and Jane’s subsequent classroom visits in Corvallis .