Each year, C-GSCA’s Education Work Group hosts the Ethiopian Cultural Dinner and Auction. The Ethiopian culture is shared with 200+ guests who are welcomed with an Ethiopian shoulder-to-shoulder handshake and invited to enjoy the food, costumes, pictures, and information about the lives of Ethiopians both in their country and within the United States of America.

Doro wat (chicken stew with a hard-boiled egg), mesir wat (red lentils), and yetakelet wat (cabbage, carrots, potatoes) are served with injera bread, all prepared by cooks who enrolled in cooking classes offered during the past two years. A traditional coffee ceremony highlights the dinner. An auction of authentic Ethiopian items including jewelry, scarves, religious crosses, clothing, and authentic baskets to serve injera followed the dinner.

Funds from these dinners and auctions support educational projects between our sister city, Gondar and Corvallis that include:

  • Teacher exchanges from Gondar to Corvallis and support of activities in Gondar when delegations from Corvallis conduct demonstrations in Gondar schools.
  • Teacher training conducted by the Gondar College of Teacher Education with guidance and support from C-GSCA Education Work Group.
  • Library and computer training emphasizing skills and curricular improvements.

We sincerely appreciates the tremendous support of our community and interest in this cultural dinner and projects being sponsored in our sister city, Gondar, Ethiopia.

We especially thank the 30+ volunteers who organized this event and the youth from Mountain View Elementary School, Linus Pauling Middle School, University Scholars Student Association, OSU Center for Civic Engagement, and other students who shared their time and talents while enjoying the cultural dinner. We also thank local sponsors that include Safeway Foundation and Store on 53rd street, Fred Meyers, Trader Joes, Market of Choice, First Alternative Coop, Starbucks Coffee (downtown), Taylor Street Ovens, and First Congregational Church of Christ for their generous support and collaboration.

Please contact us if you’d like to join and share in this continuous exchange of ideas, expertise, and cultural experiences.