Corvallis was honored to host the Mayor of Gondar, Tekeba Tebabal, for a
whirlwind tour of our city. Arriving the morning of Sept. 5 th and leaving after
dinner on Sept 6 th , he was able to squeeze in a meeting with Mayor Traber and
speak to the City Council; do a PowerPoint presentation at a reception held for
him at the Library; meet with representatives of our Gondar Council work groups
to discuss various projects; visit Lincoln Elementary School; tour OSU and see
some of our city parks including Central Park where the Sister City Flags are flown.
We all agreed his time with us was too short, but we are all very grateful for his
visit and the personal connection we feel was made. He shared his appreciation,
hopes and vision for our continuing Sister City relationship. He also invited all of
Corvallis to visit Gondar, especially during the celebration of Timket in January.