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Kindergarten Project

The Corvallis Sister Cities Association-Gondar (CSCA-G) has joined a partnership to build a kindergarten in its sister city in Gondar, Ethiopia.


The Saina Sabia neighborhood (“kebele”) in Gondar currently has no kindergarten. The value of early childhood education is only beginning to be understood by Gondar education officials and parents, but the initial focus has been in the City’s most developed areas. There is currently little public funding for kindergarten construction in rural kebeles.

The leaders of the Saina Sabia kebele understand the importance of kindergartens and have established a goal of constructing one in 2017 rather than waiting for public funds to be found in some future year.

The new kindergarten will serve over 100 children. This area of Gondar has a grade school and a high school, but it has never had a kindergarten. The area administrators, parents and teachers will involve the entire community in achieving this goal. CSCA-G was invited to partner with this group.


CSCA-G has had a sister city partnership with Gondar since 2005. Over the years volunteers from Corvallis have traveled to Gondar many times to work with government officials, nonprofits and citizens to improve schools, provide teacher training, construct wells, build public restrooms, improve watersheds and establish loan programs to generate income.

Just outside of the city center of Gondar are a number of rural villages or kebeles. Over the past several years our volunteers have developed a unique relationship with one particular kebele called Saina Sabia. In 2012 CSCA-G worked with a Gondar-based nonprofit to construct a well in this kebele to provide water for the two existing schools. In early 2016 a revolving loan program was established to facilitate income generation opportunities for the residents of the kebele. Additionally, CSCA-G has worked with kebele volunteers to plant over 60,000 tree seedlings in the area to reduce soil erosion and improve water quality. The kebele leaders have been reliable partners and have always contributed to our programs.

Saina Sabia kebele currently has a grade school and high school and, despite the kebele’s very limited resources, student attendance and participation is high.


The kindergarten design and construction process will be managed by a Gondar-based nonprofit, Link Ethiopia. The kebele administration has set aside land for the kindergarten and will fund the purchase of furnishings. A maintenance fund will also be established by the kebele. The Gondar Ministry of Education will assist with the screening and hiring of qualified teachers. CSCA-G is committed to raising funds for the design and construction of the building. Creation of an ongoing relationship between students in Saina Sabia and students in Corvallis is planned as part of this effort.

Our Request

CSCA-G requests your help to support the people of Saina Sabia as they work to achieve their dream of a new kindergarten. Our goal is to contribute $10,000 to the project. This amount will cover most of the design and construction costs. 100% of all contributions will support this project, and donations are tax-deductible.

Please donate today – you will be investing in a better future for our sister city’s children.

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Please indicate that your donation is for the Kindergarten Project! 

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