On 2012-13, the Education Work Group (EWG) and its Gondar partner, Link Ethiopia (LE), are now entering into the last year of a 3-year library and literacy project for local schools. Funds have been directed towards librarian and teacher trainings, materials/books for classrooms and libraries, library improvements (electrical upgrades). To grasp the depth of this project, here are some results to date:

  • 46 public schools participated with advance literacy and phonics training for teachers and students
  • 125 teachers and 46 librarians trained; 31 library certificates awarded.
  • 736 children assessed in reading achievement. Children in the project schools have increased their score by 21% on average, compared to 6% in other (control) schools, indicating that those with trained teachers are doing 15% better than they would have been without the project!

This project was made possible by a grant from the Waterloo Foundation , with additional funds provided from Corvallis Sister Cities Association-Gondar, Jolly Phonics, Inc., Sincil Sports College, and by fundraising from a number of link schools.