The Sister City Program
The Sister City concept evolved from President Eisenhower’s “People to People” program, and is now embodied in Sister Cities International, an organization based in Washington, DC. Over 900 cities representing millions of Americans have established links with counterparts around the world. Corvallis and the Corvallis Sister Cities Association – Uzhhorod CouncilĀ are members.


The mission of the Corvallis Sister Cities Association – Uzhhorod Council is the development and enrichment of relationships between the citizens and organizations of Corvallis, USA and Uzhgorod, Ukraine.


The goals of the Corvallis Sister Cities Association-Uzhhorod CouncilĀ are to foster understanding and friendships, provide and expand cultural experiences, develop and support citizen leadership, and enhance social and economic conditions for the citizens, families, organizations, businesses, and the government of the two cities.


The methods used to achieve the mission and goals will include personal interactions and communication, exchanges of people, materials, and technology; and specific, focused, short-term projects where urgent needs or emergent interests may exist.


We invite you to become a member of the Corvallis Sister Cities Association and help further peace, understanding and friendship between Corvallis and Uzhgorod. From short-term projects to longer committee assignments, you’ll find a place to put your interests to work.