Children’s Dentistry Program Update

Dr. Bill Paul, a retired Corvallis dentist who has been very active with the AIHAproject, sent the following e-mail in July to update us on the progress being made with the Children’, Dentistry Program in Uzhhorod.

Here is an update on the many projects that are happening in the world of dentistry in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

1. We are at this time awaiting additional funds from AIHA to complete a shipment to the Family Medicine Clinic. Three quarters of this shipment has already been purchased and is being stored at Burkhart Dental Supply in Eugene. We expect the remaining funds to be advanced to us in late July. The shipment would consist of a dental chair, light, x-ray unit, autoclave, cabinets, instruments and restorative materials for an adult dental operatory. Total value is close to $17,000.We have also received other dental equipment donations from dental manufactures with a value of about $5,000.

2. We just this week received a donation from Austin Dental Equipment Company (ADEC) of a chair, light, and unit to be used for new pediatric dental room. This facility will be used for dental care for the Chaslivtsi Orphanage children and for disabled children at the rehabilitation center. Total value is $16,000.

3. The Corvallis Rotary Club through its matching fund program with Rotary International has awarded us $24.000 to be used to completely set up the new pediatric room. This will give us the opportunity to equip this facility in a first-class manner.

4. There also remains some completion work for us at the Velyky Berezny polyclinic and to re?supply the fluoride rinse and toothbrush program, which was started last year at the public school and the boarding school.

5. We will also start a new fluoride rinse and toothbrush program at the orphanage.

We have been in communication with Drs. Ivan Chopey and Paul Pakolesnik at the Family Medicine Clinic and they are quite delighted about the future of this project. The children will be treated at no charge. We hope that the facility will also be used for teaching medical students about dentistry and for post-graduate instruction for local dentists.

Our plan at this tame is for me to travel to Uzhhorod in October with my dental equipment technician, Scott Lahey, of Burkhart Dental Supply, for at least two weeks to install the equipment. We are going to be busy!


Bill Paul, DMD