TOUCH Project Celebrates a Decade of Service

• After distributing humanitarian aid in 1999, plans are made to support the Chaslivtsi Orphanage in Uzhhorod, Ukraine
• The name “The TOUCH Project- Take One Ukrainian Child’s Hand” is created
• Logo is developed by Hewlett-Packard marketing specialist
• A Sponsorship program is developed with a sponsor fee of $60 per child per year
• First TOUCH Delegation attempts to travel to Uzhhorod on 9/11
• Delegation regroups and nine members of the first delegation travel to Ukraine in December
TOUCH1 Delegation meets with staff and 116 children at Chaslivtsi Orphanage
• Delegation takes children shopping for first time in their lives
• $37,000 raised for Septic System at Chaslivtsi Orphanage resulting in installation of inside toilets.
• Fifteen members of the TOUCH2 Delegation travels to Uzhhorod
• 140 children at New Family Center added to The TOUCH Project
• 50 children in the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities added to The TOUCH Project
• Fifteen graduates of Chaslivtsi Orphanage added to The TOUCH Project
• Twenty members of TOUCH3 Delegation hand carry 250 quilts made by Benton Co. quilters to Ukraine
• NuSkin donates $10,000 for 2 playgrounds and TOUCH donors contribute remaining amount to finish the project.
• NuSkin donates $10,000 for 110 new beds and bedding at Chaslivtsi Orphanage
• 1st Intern through travels to Ukraine
• NuSkin Force for Good Foundation donates $20,000 for Chaslivtsi laundry facility
• Eleven members of the TOUCH4 delegation travel to Ukraine
• Humanitarian aid shipment from Corvallis includes a 40-ft. container of furniture, clothing, etc. for TOUCH programs
• Sixteen members of TOUCH5 Delegation travel to Ukraine carrying 1000 pair of underwear for kids
• Ukrainian TOUCH Coordinator, Chaslivtsi Director and physician visit Corvallis
• Peery Foundation donates $15,000 for New Family van
• Pavlovo Farm Home added to The TOUCH Project
TOUCH begins supporting Social Work Conference in Uzhhorod
• Twenty-five TOUCH6 Delegation members travel to Uzhhorod
• Zonta Foundation donates funds for purchase farm equipment for Pavlovo Farm Home
• Public School #14 added to The TOUCH Project
• NuSkin donates $35,000 and TOUCH sponsors donate $6000 for repair of 10 Chaslivtsi classrooms
• NuSkin donates $20,000 for classroom renovation at Public School #14
• 1st TOUCH supported Summer Camp is established
TOUCH receives national etown Achievement Award and adds sponsors from many states in the U.S.
• Eighteen TOUCH7 Delegation members travel to Ukraine including renown NY photographer- Paul Kline
• 23 members of TOUCH8 Delegation travel to Ukraine including 5 Girl Scouts plus the Maharimba Band
• Jewelry micro-business is initiated at Pavlovo Farm Home with donations from TOUCH donors
• Sports field at Chaslivtsi is installed with a $24,000 donation from Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation
• Volunteer program between Chaslivtsi Orphanage and Regional Library begins
• Bread and Milk program at PS14 begins
• New Family Center undergoes remodel with TOUCH donations
• Curriculum to protect children from abuse is purchased
• Twenty-one TOUCH9 Delegation members travel with 2000 pairs of socks
• Fundraising begins for a “wheelchair lift” for the children with disabilities
• Courtyard at Public School #14 is beautified with TOUCH donations
• Nineteen members of TOUCH10 delegation travel to Ukraine
• New playground installed at PS14 thanks to TOUCH donors and sponsors
• Curriculum to combat abuse translated and readied for implementation
• 5th intern travels to Ukraine
• Scholarship Program initiated for TOUCH youth enrolled in university, college, or technical training
• Over 300 sponsors and donors represented from 22 states and 3 countries
TOUCH sponsorship fee increases from $60 to $75 per year