Welcome to Corvallis, Oregon


Our Two Sister Cities:

Uzhhorod, Ukraine & Gondar, Ethiopia

Piazza in Gondar

Green Market in Uzhhorod

Our Mission

–To promote awareness and understanding between the people of Corvallis and the people of its two “sister cities”, Uzhhorod, Ukraine and Gondar, Ethiopia; and

–To undertake activities that are beneficial to the people of both Corvallis and Corvallis’ sister cities.


Interested in what we do?

Our work ranges from assisting in clean water and hygiene initiatives, creating leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities, impacting schools and education, to child sponsorships and delegations to our two sister cities, to name a few.

With your cursor, scroll on the pictures below that explains a number of our projects and activities we engage in regularly.

Mentoring new business opportunities (Uzhhorod)

(Transcarpathia Cider Project)

The TOUCH Project serving children across 5 specific programs (Uzhhorod)

( Pavlovo Farm Home, Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities, Chaslivtsi Boarding School, Public School #14, & the New Family Center)

Providing business leadership trainings & forums (Uzhhorod)

Constructing wells and accessing clean water (Gondar)

Constructing a Kindergarten in a rural community (Gondar)

Traveling delegations to Gondar

Shopping with your sponsored child (Uzhhorod)

Planting trees to rehabilitate the watershed (Gondar)

Establishing child dental services (Uzhhorod)

Improving Teaching and Learning (Gondar)

Traveling Delegations to Uzhhorod

CSCA  P.O.Box 132  Corvallis, Oregon   97339

Current Events & News

Uzhhorod Council

Gondar Council

“GoFundMe” Gondar, Ethiopian Appeal

Dear Friends of Corvallis Sister Cities-Gondar Council, In April the Corona virus began to be a problem in Gondar with many people under stay home orders. They were not able to work and without a social net system, many struggled to pay for food. In May, we contacted...

Gondar Council of Advisors Monthly Meetings

Gondar Monthly Council Meeting:  Held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Benton County/Corvallis Public Library, Conference Room, Basement level. Time: 6:00 pm -7:30 pm. Members and guests welcomed!

Country Flags of our two sister cities: Gondar, Ethiopia and Uzhhorod, Ukraine


The Corvallis Sister Cities Association (CSCA) is a member of Sister Cities International (SCI), an organization based in Washington, DC, with more than 900 cities, representing millions of Americans. SCI has established links with counterparts all around the world. The “sister city” concept evolved from President Eisenhower’s 1956 “People to People” program, and is now embodied in Sister Cities International and its mission.

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