Welcome to the Corvallis Sister Cities Association!


The Sister City concept evolved from President Eisenhower’s “People to People” program, and is now embodied in Sister Cities International, an organization based in Washington, DC. More than 900 cities, representing millions of Americans, have established links with counterparts around the world. Corvallis (pictured above) and the Corvallis Sister Cities Association are members of Sister Cities International.

The primary goals of the Corvallis Sister Cities Association are:

  • To promote awareness and understanding between the people of Corvallis and the people of its two “sister cities”, Uzhhorod, Ukraine and Gondar, Ethiopia; and
  • To undertake activities that are beneficial to the people of both Corvallis and Corvallis’ sister cities.

We invite you to become involved with the programs of the Corvallis Sister Cities Association to help further peace, understanding and friendship between Corvallis and its sister cities in Uzhhorod, Ukraine and Gondar, Ethiopia. From short-term projects to longer committee assignments, you’ll find a place to put your interests to work. The web pages for the Corvallis Sister Cities Association – Uzhhorod and the Corvallis Sister Cities Association – Gondar will help you get started.


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Become a global citizen.  Open up new adventures. Create an exchange with the people and their customs of our sister cities. Become a member today!

Children in Uzhhorod

Children in Ethiopia

Uzhhorod Events

Gondar Events

Gondar Council of Advisors Monthly Meetings

Gondar Monthly Council Meeting:  Held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Benton County/Corvallis Public Library, Conference Room, Basement level. Time: 6:00 pm -7:30 pm. Members and guests welcomed!