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Gondar - Corvallis - Uzhhorod

The Corvallis Sister City Association was established to promote awareness and understanding between the people of Corvallis and the people of its two “sister cities”, Uzhhorod, Ukraine and Gondar, Ethiopia; and to undertake activities that are beneficial to the people of both Corvallis and Corvallis’ sister cities. Click each button below to learn more:
Visit Gondar, EthiopiaVisit Uzhhorod, Ukraine
Corvallis, Oregon is pleased to have two sister cities: Uzhhorod, Ukraine and Gondar, Ethiopia. Each sister city program is governed by a council of its members and overseen by the Corvallis Sister Cities Board of Directors

Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Creating international friendships in Uzhhorod to encourage lifelong connections and partnering together for a better future.


Gondar, Ethiopia

Collaborating with the people of Gondar to develop sustainable solutions and promote cultural awareness, respect, and understanding.

Latest News and Events:Gondar, Ethiopia

Latest News and Events-Uzhhorod, Ukraine