About Us

CSCA History

The Corvallis Sister Cities Association (CSCA) began in 1989, when Corvallis citizens first identified Uzhhorod, in the Ukraine (which was part of the Soviet Union), as the most desirable possibility for a new sister city relationship. The Corvallis City Council endorsed that option and volunteers filed the necessary paperwork.  The association was granted formal non-profit status in 1991.

The activities of the organization are chronicled here in the Uzhhorod Sister Cities program web page. The association has been recognized on numerous occasions for its excellent program in Uzhhorod and has been the recipient of several awards by Sister Cities International. 

In 2004, some Corvallis citizens began to explore the possibility of creating a second sister city relationship, between Corvallis and Gondar, Ethiopia. In 2005, the Corvallis City Council formally approved a second sister city, Corvallis and Gondar.  This effort is described here in the Gondar Sister Cities program web page.  Corvallis-Gondar Sister Cities Association was also awarded “outstanding” status by the Sister Cities International for its on-going projects and activities.

The two programs are administered by a Board of Directors and oversees the two advisory councils, one each for Gondar and Uzhhorod. Individuals serving on the advisory councils, Board of Directors, and members serve as volunteers.  Corvallis Sister Cities Association has no paid staff.

Sister City Flags

Shown here are the country flags representing Corvallis’ two sister cities of Gondar, Ethiopia (left) and Uzhhorod, Ukraine (right).  These flags can be seen displayed from a pole adjacent to the rose gardens located in Central Park, near downtown Corvallis.






CSCA Board of Directors

The Corvallis Sister Cities Association’s (CSCA) overall operations are managed by its Board of Directors. The Board ensures that the activities and finances satisfy legal requirements for a non-profit organization. The Board also is responsible for ensuring that the organization acts according to its Bylaws as described below.

The Board automatically includes the Chair and Assistant Treasurer from both the Uzhhorod Council (CSCA-U) and the Gondar Council (CSCA-G).

The Current Board Members are:

President: Robert Kokenyesi

Vice-President: Karen Sundseth

Secretary: Carla Francis

Treasurers: Bill Francis & Richard Raymond

Chair of Gondar Council: Patty Cuevas

Chair of Uzhhorod Council: Carol Trueba

At-Large Members: Ari Grossman-Naples, Karen Sundseth, Pete Bober, Katrina Pearson

Web Developers: Stephen Hodges, Don Prickel

The Board meets at least quarterly, and also oversees an annual meeting in June for the members of the organization. The public is welcome to attend the annual meeting and regular Board meetings. Click here for details of past Board Meeting minutes.


CSCA Bylaws

The Corvallis Sister Cities Association’s operations are governed by its Bylaws. A copy of the Bylaws can be provided on request.