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Gondar's "Bottle Drop Give", a Monthly Fundraiser

Gondar’s “Bottle Drop Give” Fundraiser


Throughout the year, your bottles can create the necessary dollars that help fund our projects of clean water access, increased levels of health and hygiene, and improved literacy and education attainment rates in Ethiopia and our sister city, Gondar.


Collect Your bottles for CSCA-Gondar Council and help us raise funds for our education and water-related projects in our sister city, Gondar, Ethiopia.

 Empty Cans = $$$ for Gondar



Ask Yourself?

  • Are you tired of standing in line and processing your recyclables one at a time? If so, we can help you skip the hassle by using our “Drop Bags” and feel great for donating to a wonderful cause.
  • Did you know that your bottles and cans can turn into cash dollars that will support our projects for accessing clean water and improving literacy and education in schools?
  • Would you like your child to become a global citizen by collecting cans for cash, thereby making a difference in the developing world, and in particular, our sister city of Gondar, Ethiopia?

Want to Get Involved? 

It is simple and here’s how.

  • Get your donation bags at the bag locations listed below,  or call 541-602-5609 for bags to be dropped-off.
  • Fill the bag with any bottles and/or cans that have an Oregon deposit label.
  • Plastic, glass or aluminum cans go in the same bag.
  • Take filled bag to the Bottle Drop Redemption Center at 1111 NW Ninth St. (next to Shari’s).
  • Use QR sticker on the bag to open deposit drop door and drop bag inside—it’s easy😊


  • No more than 30 glass bottles in one bag— bag needs to weigh less than 20 lbs.
  • No crushed cans /broken bottles/ excessive residual liquid
  • No garbage—we could get fined ☹
  • Only 15 CSCA-Gondar bags can be dropped off on any one day.  If you have more than 15 bags to drop off, call  541-602-5609 and an appointment will be made for pick-up.

Thank you for doing your part to help the people in our sister city—Gondar!

2 locations for bag pick-up and replacements:

615 NW Elizabeth Dr, Corvallis


751 NW Jackson Ave, Corvallis

If you have questions, please contact Karen at 541-602-5609 or email: