Building Technology Skills

In 2010, a “model school committee” was created under the leadership of the school’s director, Schemeles Brile, with the goal of identifying the direction for action and the role that CSCA-Gondar might play in bringing Tsadiku Yohannes School to a “model school” status. One of the four main priorities was computer literacy for both teachers and students alike.

During the following year (2011), Mr Brile and his teachers designated space for a computer/IT classroom on the school’s premises. The IT classroom was painted, computer desks constructed and installed, and wiring completed for approximately 20 computers. CSCA-G supplied the classroom with 11 used computers along with providing funds for computer training of TY teachers. Initially, a number of the donated computers needed updating and these computers were refurbished by staff from Tsedale Nega Technology College in Gondar, who also provided the computer training.

By Fall 2012, CSCA-G brought an additional 7 laptop computers resulting in a total of 18 computers for the IT classroom. Both TY school and the Gondar Ministry of Education entered into a formal contractual agreement with CSCA-G funding the networking of all computers and installation of internet connectivity, with the Ministry of Education hiring a qualified IT teacher for TY School.

During the following years, a number of member delegates traveled to Gondar bringing with them upgraded and newer computers. The 2019 delegation brought another 10 laptops, donated by Oregon State University, that were distributed to 4 rural elementary schools in Gondar.