Chaslivtsi Boarding School

The Chaslivtsi Boarding School provides a living situation for about 70 children, ages 7-17, who were abandoned or need a home away from home.  Some of the children reside at the boarding school on a full-time basis and other children travel home to relatives on week nights, weekends or certain occasions. Classroom instruction and meals are provided

Chaslivtsi Students, 2017


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Chaslivtsi Board School

Current Update, October, 2020:   There are 45 children attending the boarding school. Most are of Romani ethnicity. Anna Stynych, the music director, will continue with the music program and organizing birthday parties each week for the children who attend the school. Paul Blanar said that young volunteers were concerned about the children during the spring quarantine lockdown and they asked for permission to install a “cinema” room for cartoons and movies. This group also fundraised to purchase a projector for the room.