Container Shipment

Container Shipment Arrives in Gondar

Over two years ago, members of the Education Work Group asked our colleagues in our sister city, Gondar, Ethiopia, “What items would benefit your educational needs for children and students?” Overwhelmingly, they identified reading books, science equipment, teaching aids, and computers.

We collaborated with The Ethiopia Project in Portland, Oregon who shipped shoes and jerseys for runners to complement the educational needs of teachers and students. More than 60 boxes of library/reading books, 105 boxes of science journals, 30 boxes of teaching aids, and 55 boxes of science supplies were sent to collaborating grade schools, orphanages, public library, Gondar University, and the Gondar Teacher Training College. Also 20 identical computers and a server were sent to Tsadiku Yohannes Elementary School (TY) and 6 to Bridge of Hope orphanage. Items were donated by members of the Education Workgroup and the Corvallis community, especially OSU faculty who donated 34 different science journals for the new College of Agriculture Library, Gondar, University. Funds from the Ethiopian Cultural Dinner and Auction were used to purchase refurbished computers and 2 microscopes from OSU Recycling for the computer lab at TY school.

We look forward to the many stories from our colleagues and students in Gondar, and hearing about what these items mean to students and teachers throughout our sister city of Gondar, Ethiopia.

CSCA’s Gondar Council and the Corvallis community wish to thank the Education Work Group members and especially Ray William for his vision of this project, his many hours of coordination with local and international agencies, and his steadfast determination to make this project a success.