Partnering with Corvallis and Gondar Schools


Partnering with our local Corvallis schools has resulted in education and cultural exchanges between students, parents and teachers in Corvallis and Gondar. Currently four local schools have engaged with C-GSCA to participate in sister-to-sister exchanges. CSCA-G has worked more directly with two schools in Gondar, as explained below.

With Corvallis Schools

Linus Pauling Middle School (2010-12)

  • The “Eye to Eye” photo project was completed in May, 2010. Students took photos of their lives in Corvallis to share through posters or photo albums. In June, a CSCA-G member traveled to Gondar and distributed them to teachers and students at TY School.
  • Math games and manipulatives were made by students to send to TY School for the Model Classroom.
  • Students knit blankets/quilts which were delivered to children at TY School, Gondar.

Ashbrook School (2011)

  • Pen pal letters were written by 5th grade students sent to students at TY School.
  • 5th grade students engaged in a study project of Africa and Ethiopia to be presented to the school’s 4th grade students at Ashbrook.

Corvallis Schools, District-wide

  • Friendship Bracelets: 2,000 bracelets have been made over the years to send to the children at TY and other organizations in Gondar. Bracelets are generally delivered by members of a        delegation to Gondar.

Mountain View (2011)

  • Students engaged in a school-wide drive to gather school supplies to be sent to TY School.

Wilson Elementary School (2019):

  • Friendship Bracelets: Friendships bracelets were made and shared with the students at Walaj School in Gondar during the celebration of the opening of its new kindergarten building and program.
  • Teacher Delegation, 2019: One teacher, one counselor, one student from Wilson School along with two Corvallis high school students and one student from Oregon State University and four other CSCA-G members traveled as a delegation to celebrate the new construction of a kindergarten building in the Saina Sabia village, Gondar.                                           (For more detailed information, see Kindergarten Construction Project under Walaj Elementary School, below)

With Gondar Schools

Tsadiku Yohannes School 2011-2013: Students in Gondar participated in the following projects to share with the children in Corvallis

  • Eye to Eye Project (See above)
  • Art Card Project : Children at TY drew pictures of their at-home, school, and community activities that would be collected, brought back by delegates, and shared with students in Corvallis.

Walaj Elementary School in the village of Saina Sabia, 2019

  • Kindergarten Construction Project in village of Saina Sabia: Joining forces with the community in Saina Sabia, Link Ethiopia, US Embassy, CSCA-G, and the Gondar Ministry of Education, a project was developed to fund and build a new    kindergarten for Walaj Elementary    School in Saina Sabia kebele (village). Kindergarten construction was completed in October, 2019. (For more details about this Kindergarten Project, click here.)


  • A New Sister Schools Relationship: Wilson Elementary School in Corvallis and Walaj Elementary School in Saina Sabia formed a Sister School Partnership, October, 2019. Children from Wilson Elementary made friendship bracelets for the children at Walaj School for the inauguration of the new Kindergarten.