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Support Ukranian Refugees

The Corvallis Sister Cities Association has a thirty-year relationship between Corvallis, Oregon, and Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Because Uzhhorod is located in the most western region of Ukraine, thousands of refugees are fleeing each day to our sister city. To help alleviate the needs of these individuals, we are raising funds to send to our trusted colleagues in Uzhhorod. Want to help? See below in the many ways one can join us in supporting all Ukrainians.

Checks and Cash

Checks and cash can be dropped off or mailed to: Citizens Bank- Circle Branch, 978 NW Circle Blvd.,Corvallis, Oregon 97330.  Please make checks payable to: Uzhhorod Refugee Fund. You can also make a deposit at any branch if you mention the name of the fund: Uzhhorod Refugee Fund. We give a “shout out” to the staff at Citizens Bank, Circle Branch, in Corvallis.  They have been working overtime to handle the hundreds of donations that are coming in.  Special thanks to Manager Anthony Thompson, Kemble Tsoi, Kathi Philpott, Harley Royer, Grant Huber and Austin Schaeffer.

GoFundMe Campaign

You can also donate on-line through our GoFundMe campaign!  To allow greater flexibility and less administrative costs these funds will not be going through our usual 501(c)(3) accounts and as a result will not be tax deductible.

Our Website

Donate from our website by clicking here.