Events throughout the year

CSCA-Gondar’s events, whether they occur yearly, quarterly, and/or monthly, are designed to address one of our main missions “to promote cultural awareness, respect, and understanding” between our communities of Gondar and Corvallis.

Special Notice:  Due to COVID-19, “A Taste of Ethiopia” and the “Walk for Water” events, listed below are cancelled for 2020, and we look forward to scheduling these events once again in 2021.




Annual Events:

  • A Taste of Ethiopia: Food, Culture and People is a community event designed to increase awareness of the unique culture, an authentic dinner, and its customs in our sister city, Gondar, Ethiopia. Held on the last Sunday of January, every other year. For more information, click here.


  • “Walk for Water is a half-day 3-mile walk designed to increase the awareness of the need for clean water, sanitation, and water management in not only our sister city of Gondar, Ethiopia but the world at large. Held in May every other year.  For more information, click here.     
  • Annual Membership Meeting, 3rd Monday in June. During this event, all members are invited to meet, elect new board members and enjoy an informative program. Retiring board members are recognized and new board members are voted in and welcomed.





Quarterly Events:

  • Adopt a Highway: Held 3 times annually on the third (3rd) weekend of April, July, and October. Members contribute to the cleanliness of the roads by collecting trash on Corvallis’s designated street location between 35th Street and West Hills Rd, Corvallis. Sign up to volunteer? Click here.


Monthly Events:

  • Gondar Council Meeting:  Held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Benton County/Corvallis Public Library, Conference Room, Basement level. Time: 6:00 pm -7:30 pm. Members and guests welcomed!