CSCA-U’s Flower Basket Sale

The “Flower Basket Sale” began in the mid 1990s as a major spring fundraiser for the Corvallis Sister Cities Association.  Partnering with Peoria Gardens, about 300-400 baskets have been sold each year.  Peoria Gardens provided the baskets to CSCA at cost and the rest of the profit went to sister city programs in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.  Members Bob Stebbins and Peggy Peirson have led the coordination of this event over the past years.  Beginning in 2020, the Uzhhorod Council will take orders for the Flower Basket Sale in the fall for the first time. These beautiful baskets will still be delivered around April and May 2021.  More details on types of baskets available and the cost will be forthcoming to all who have purchased in the past. In addition, baskets have also been sold over the past few years and a selection of baskets will be on sale in May, 2020 in Central Park, downtown Corvallis.


Please “Contact Us” for any further questions regarding this event.