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Our Mission is to collaborate with people of Gondar to develop sustainable solutions and promote cultural awareness, respect, understanding, and friendships.

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What We Do


Since 2005, our work has focused on collaborating with our friends in Gondar, Ethiopia in two specific project areas: Education and Water. Our projects are based on requests of specific needs from our partners and city officials in Gondar.

Announcing: Gondar Council’s “WALK FOR WATER ETHIOPIA” to Support Access to Clean Water

Details Coming Soon

Saturday, May 18, 2024 —Click Here for more information and for registration!

Education: Impacting Schools and Increasing Literacy and Learning

To achieve the above outcome, we are currently busy in the following activities:

  • Creating School to School Exchanges
  • Sending “Books for Gondar” to local and rural schools supported with teacher training
  • Supporting a Donkey Library to rural areas
  • Launching New Projects: Toilets, Playground Equipment, Books for Middle schools
  • Past Projects: constructing a kindergarten, adding a computer classroom, conducting teacher trainings, creating educational resource rooms

Water: Supporting Water Resources and Sustainability

Since 2010, constructing wells and developing springs have resulted in 2700 households (an estimated 16,800 individuals) having access to clean water.  To sustain this effort, we are now focusing on assessing these working conditions of these wells and springs for long-term sustainability practices.

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CSCA-Gondar Council’s Newsletters

Keep current with what we are doing both here in Corvallis and in Gondar, our sister city.  Recipients of our quarterly newsletters are sent to members and friends who have attended our events.

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