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Gondar Educational Projects

Impacting Schools and Increasing Literacy and Learning

  • School to School Exchanges

The Corvallis-Gondar Sister Schools to Schools Exchange Project offers an opportunity for students in Corvallis to connect with students in Ethiopia, learn about each other’s culture in direct hands-on experiences and start the path to becoming global citizens. In order to engage in this two-way exchange, both Corvallis and Gondar school officials sign an official agreement in developing mutually reciprocal projects.

Three “school to school” exchanges are currently underway.

Leticia Carson Elementary School

Corvallis’ Leticia Carson Elementary School has a “school to school” exchange with Gondar’s Atse Bekafa Elementary School

Corvallis' Waldorf School

Corvallis’ Waldorf School has a “school to school” exchange with Magdalena School (Bridge of Hope, Gondar)

Franklin Elementary School

Corvallis’ Franklin Elementary School  has a “school to school” exchange with Meseret Elementary School in Gondar.

  • Books for Gondar plus Teacher Training to School Exchanges

A collaboration with two of our partners, Open Hearts Big Dreams, and Togther We Learn, Ethiopia, over 2000+ bilingual early readers have been sent to our sister city schools in Gondar.

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  • Donkey Library

A project in partnership with Altrusa International of Corvallis: International Relations Committee, 300 bi-lingual early readers from Open Hearts Big Dreams were donated to the Gondar Donkey Library and the 5 schools it serves.

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New Projects for 2022-2023

In late Spring, 2022, the Together We Learn (TWL) team assessed a number of priority needs related to the schools in Gondar and its surrounding areas.  Three specific projects have been identified, with our Gondar Council agreeing to partner with TWL in making these projects a reality. Complete project proposals and related budgets have been received, the details of which are presented below:

Toilet building for Walaj school KG compound for younger students

Library and literacy training (librarian and teachers) for middle schools

Playground equipment and materials for two Gondar area rural schools.

Past Projects:

Constructing a Kindergarten

The Corvallis Sister Cities Association-Gondar (CSCA-G) entered into a partnership to establish a model kindergarten program in a rural village near its sister city in Gondar, Ethiopia. The value of early childhood education is becoming a goal for Gondar education officials and parents, and the initial focus has been to establish kindergarten programs in the City’s most developed areas.  There is currently little public funding for kindergarten programs in rural villages (kebeles). (Click to read more)

Building Technology Skills

In 2010, a “model school committee” was created under the leadership of the school’s director, Schemeles Brile, with the goal of identifying the direction for action and the role that CSCA-Gondar might play in bringing Tsadiku Yohannes School to a “model school” status. One of the four main priorities was computer literacy for both teachers and students alike.
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Improving Teaching and Student Learning

In 2007, CSCA-G formed a partnership with Gondar’s Tsadiku Yoahannes Elementary School (TY), serving approximately 2000 children daily from primarily lower income families. Through fund-raising efforts in 2008, the Education Work Group raised funds to have new blackboards built and installed in every classroom of the school.
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