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School to School Exchanges

Project Description:

The Corvallis-Gondar Sister Schools to Schools Exchange Project offers an opportunity for students in Corvallis to connect with students in Ethiopia, learn about each other’s culture in direct hands-on experiences and start the path to becoming global citizens. In order to engage in this two-way exchange, both Corvallis and Gondar school officials sign an official agreement in developing mutually reciprocal projects.

Three “school to school” exchanges are currently underway.

Corvallis’ Leticia Carson Elementary and Gondar’s Atse Bekafa Elementary School

Leticia Carson Elementary (formerly Wilson Elementary) has had a sister school relationship with Walaj school which included exchanging picture books about each school, sending T-shirts and friendship bracelets and learning about Ethiopian culture through pictures, stories and food.

Corvallis’ Waldorf School and Bridge Magdalena Academy in Gondar

This is a new project in the school to school exchange program with one of our long-term partners in Gondar, Ethiopia, Bridge of Hope.  Bridge of Hope is an orphanage with its own school.  Corvallis’ Waldorf School 4th grade students have sent letters in November, 2022 to the 4th grade students at Bridge Magdalena Academy.  They are waiting for the letters to arrive to respond. Many of the Magdalena students have been orphaned due to diseases of parents, to poverty, and/or economic conditions.

Franklin Elementary School

A  presentation was recently made that included the profile of Franklin’s sister school.

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