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Water Maintenance Sustainability Project

Supporting Water Resources and Sustainability

Maintenance of wells and springs

Recently we conducted an inspection for our 20 water projects. The inspection results reported that there are 9 wells/springs developments that are in need of maintenance ranging from minor parts replacement to major infrastructure needs to have the wells and springs working in proper condition. Access to clean water is highly necessary for many reasons including the fact that children are more likely to go to school if they don’t have to help their family retrieve water from faraway places. Livestock, fruit trees and crops require access to water.

Assessment of the wells listed on the map below has recently been received.  The assessment indicates that out of 18 wells, 9 of them need repair. The Gondar Council’s advisors will be studying this assessment, with steps to be taken in raising funds for making such repairs.

Total cost of the project: $7,100.00

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