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Bread Baking Project

CSCA-Gondar Council’s  Bread Production Project

In October 2020, Bridge of Hope, our NGO partner and orphanage in Gondar, asked CSCA-Gondar  to help increase their production of bread-making to address food scarcity as a result of the Coronavirus and the related reduction in employment throughout the city. A Holiday Go-Fund-Me Campaign was launched to assist in the expenses of this project. You will find a progress report of this project below.

Tasks Completed in Gondar:

1. Bread-baking facility established: A 50 square meter area was reconfigured in BoH’s Administrative Office by constructing corrugated metal walls.

2. Electrical and Plumbing Upgraded: Upgrades to the facilities electrical and plumbing requirements have been completed for operation of oven and dough mixer.

3. Baking Equipment Installed: An existing commercial baking oven, dough mixer and warmer have been moved from the children’s orphanage to the newly established baking facility. Both the oven and dough mixer had major upgrades due to not having been operative for several years.

4. Purchase of baking trays and plates: To increase their current production from 120 breads to 500 breads per day, 24 trays and plates were purchased.

Current Update of Progress:

On May 18, 2021 CSCA-G was informed by Tsion Alemayehu, Bridge of Hope, that 14 families are currently benefiting from this project. These families arrive 5 days a week to collect bread for free for their families. Plans are to incrementally increase the number of families who will benefit from the project over time.