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Water Source Development Projects

Since 2010, our work, related to accessing clean water, focused on the construction of wells. CSCA-Gondar has partnered with community leaders, the City of Gondar Water Department, and Bridge of Hope to construct wells and develop springs throughout the city of Gondar. 20 wells were completed , mostly in rural communities that border our sister city, Gondar. The results of this work resulted in approximately 2700 households with clean water, serving 16,800 persons.

Use the interactive map to explore these clean water sources and find out more information about each site.


Site Selection Process

The sites are selected based primarily on the number of families to be served and the commitment from the kebele (village) council to maintain the well in good working order. Community support is integral to the project. The wells are public facilities owned by the City and kebele administrations. However, local users are active in the management of the wells and trained in repair and maintenance of the water pumps.

Site Types – Drilled Wells, Hand Dug Wells, and Spring Developments

The type of water source development project implemented at a specific site depends upon the availability of, or location of, water. If the water is deep in the ground (10m – 100m), a drilled well is constructed. If water can be found close to the surface (<10m), a hand dug well can be built. If water is already flowing at the surface, a spring development project is pursued.