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Kindergarten Toilet Building Project : Walaj Kindergarten School

Project Description:

In 2019, Together We Learn (TWL), and CSCA-Gondar Council partnered together in the construction of a kindergarten building in the Saina Sabia village, outside of Gondar.  While toilets for older children exist in the compound, they are not near nor are they appropriately designed for such younger children.

Hence, the main outcome of this project is to provide a toilet building (3 stalls for each gender) that is near and adjacent to the kindergarten school, and can accommodate 60 kindergarten children. In addition, children will receive instruction on the importance and proper use of a toilet, and proper health and hygiene practices.

Cost of this Project:  $ 8,675.00———-Goal Met!

We are happy to announce that as of December, 2022, our many supporters like you have donated funds that will make a reality for the above school to have a restroom (3 stall each for both girls and boys) building adjacent to the kindergarten classrooms. 

It is anticipated that the toilets will be completed by the month of May, 2023.  We will continue to keep you informed of our progress during the construction period.

Thank You!


Next Steps:

We are currently engaged in raising funds to repair 9 out of 20 rural wells and spring developments outside Gondar that we helped in their respective construction over the years since 2010.  Most recently, an evaluation of these wells indicated a range of mild to moderate repairs for 6 of the 9 wells with 3 wells needing more in-depth repairs.