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Playground Equipment Project for Kindergartens

Project Description:

Together We Learn, one of Corvallis’ important partners, continues working to improve the literacy and well-being of children in schools throughout Gondar, Ethiopia, our sister city.  They have requested a collaborative project that centers on providing playground equipment for young children in two rural kindergarten schools of Gondar, Ethiopia.

Why is play important?

Play is so essential for child development around the world that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights recognizes it as a right of every child. Play is critical for kids to develop the emotional, social and creative thinking skills they’ll need to be successful students and when they’re adults.

Project Details:

  • Playground materials for KG students for 2 schools
  • Five types of playing stations: swings, slides, playground climber, spring riders and spinners

Costs of the Project: $8,280.00

Can you Help?

Next Steps:

To make this project a reality, funds will need to be raised by the CSCA-Gondar Council.  A number of fund-raising venues are planned.