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Holiday Gift Giving Campaign

Water for the Holidays

These children walk 3+ miles to collect water when wells need repair.







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The Corvallis Sister Cities Association-Gondar Council invites you to join us in raising a GOAL of  $7,000 during our Holiday Gift Giving

$7,000 is needed for materials and repairs of wells in 9 villages that currently are without access to clean water in rural areas of Gondar.


Access to Clean Water for Gondar Communities

Since 2005, CSCA-Gondar Council helped build 20 well/spring developments in rural villages of Gondar. A recent evaluation of these wells was conducted, resulting in 9 of these wells needing repairs to be able to function properly beyond what these villages can afford.  Many wells in need of repairs serve schools.

Residents in villages with those wells in disrepair are currently needing to walk up to 3 miles per day to get water that may be polluted.

Cost of Project (materials and labor): $7000

“I also appreciate The Council that has approved your recommendation and its commitment to maintain the water wells and spring developments, that provides great benefit to the poor community. Furthermore it is a noble task for the welfare of humanity.”Biyaylgn Kassa