Gondar Library & Books

As part of the “model school” effort and as early as 2008, the director and teachers at Tsadiku Yoahnnes Elementary School, our adopted sister city school, requested books. At that time, evidence indicated the the librarian was poorly trained, students’ use was primarily to complete homework assignments, and few books were allowed to be checked out to their homes.

As part of the “model school” effort (See Model School: Teacher Training and Classrooms), a new librarian was hired. At the expense of C-GSCA’s Education Work Group, the librarian received a formal training for librarians.

In addition, teachers at TY School asked  for and identified a variety of recommended books to be added to the library and other textbooks from a variety of content topics for students and classroom usage. Schools supplies were also requested.

Currently, present and future work plans by C-GSCA’s Education Work Group for improving the school’s library, including funds for such, are as follows:

1) On-going training of librarian. Dr. Yigzaw Kebede, Public Health Department, Gondar University, indicated that the librarians at the university are well-trained and could serve as trainers for the librarian at TY.

2) Embed student use of library in professional development training of teachers. Encourage teachers to use library as part of their curriculum content.

3) Provide purchase of books upon request by teachers of TY School.