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Toilets for Walaj Kindergarten Classrooms



In 2019, Corvallis Sister Cities Association – Gondar, inaugurated the construction of two kindergarten classrooms at Walaj Elementary School in rural Gondar.  Currently, the construction of toilet facilities for the kindergarten students is a major priority. Sanitary conditions in the school are undesirable and our partners have indicated that the construction of the toilet facilities are indispensable for the children’s health and to develop healthy and sanitary habits during childhood. Walaj Elementary school is in the Village of Saina Sabia in rural Gondar and about 60 children attend the kindergarten’s program.

Some History:

  • 2012: CSCA-Gondar provides funds for needed well in Walaj kebele (village)
  • 2019 two Kindergarten classrooms were built at Walaj Elementary School in rural area of Gondar
  • 60 young children are benefiting from early childhood learning curricula

Current Need:

  • Toilets (3 stalls each for both boys and girls) are needed, as other Walaj toilets (for older children) are not accessible and too distanced from kindergarten classrooms

Outcomes Envisioned by having kindergarten-designed toilets:

  • Kindergarten students will demonstrate improved health and sanitary behaviors
  • Improved health and hygiene for kindergarten students
  • Improved student attendance as a result of reduced germs, diseases and sicknesses

Our Fund-Raising Goal: $8,500.  With our recent “Ethiopian Cooking Class” raising nearly $4,000, we are almost half-way to reaching our goal.  Can you donate today and know that you are improving the health and hygiene to children in Gondar?