The initiative to develop a sister city relationship with Gondar originated with a City of Corvallis staff member, Robel Tadesse, who has an Ethiopian heritage and was raised in the Gondar region.  He envisioned a partnership between interested community volunteers in Corvallis and a governmental authority in Ethiopia and decided to pursue the idea of a sister city.

Recognizing the interest by the United States government in the development of Ethiopia, interested individuals sought grant funding opportunities through a partnership among Sister Cities International, the International City Managers Association (ICMA), and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

As a result,  the Corvallis City Council approved  a second Sister City partnership with Gondar, Ethiopia in April, 2005. Uzhhorod, Ukraine had already gained sister city status many years before in 1991.

The Corvallis Sister City Association-Gondar  (CSCA-G) has elected a Council of Advisors accountable to the CSCA Board of Directors. The work of the Gondar Council of Advisors answers directly to the CSCA Board of Directors.

The CSCA-Gondar Council oversees the work and efforts of our members, who have consistently traveled to Gondar since 2006 as part of a delegation.  These delegate-volunteers travel at their own expense, working on addressing issues related to three specific needs: 1) increasing access to clean water, 2) facilitating educational change and effectiveness, and 3) enhancing cultural awareness and improved relationships.

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