During a trip to Gondar in late 2005, delegate members from the Corvallis Sister Cities Association-Gondar (CSCA-G) met with sister city officials in Gondar, Ethiopia to discuss ways that CSCA-G could assist their city and its residents in addressing community issues. Priorities were established at that time, with an emphasis on addressing issues related to three specific needs: 1) increasing access to clean water, 2) facilitating educational change and effectiveness, and 3) enhancing cultural awareness and improved relationships. A long-term work plan was developed that identified key work tasks and projects that would address these three areas of concern.

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1) Assisting with Clean Water

Restoring the Reservoir & Watershed

Bread-Baking Project

Partnering with Oregon State University

Constructing Wells

Constructing Public Toilets & Showers

2) Impacting Schools & Education

Building Technology Skills

Constructing a Kindergarten


Partnering with Corvallis Schools


T-shirts sent to Sister School in Gondar.


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Improving Teaching and Student Learning

Creating a Culture of Readers