Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities

The Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities (Path of Life) serves individuals from 1 year of age to adulthood with various physical and/or mental disabilities. They usually live with their family and come to the center for schooling, physical therapy, socialization, and training.  Over 20 children with disabilities have now been mainstreamed into the public schools. Before the center was created in 1999, children with disabilities stayed at home.

Parade for children with disabilities

Rotary-Supported Bus

Rehab Center Classroom

An elevator was installed in 2017 to provide access throughout the building for those with physical limitations.


Current Update, October 2020:

Although the overall situation with COVID in Ukraine is worsening, schools reopened in September. Rehab center was not an exception; with strict rules such as limited numbers of kids/clients at one time, having sanitizers, masks and disinfectant supplies accessible. Dr. Roshkovych was grateful for this because the children and families needed it badly. New wheelchairs have been purchased from the TOUCH funds which were brought in September 2019. The Rehab Center/Path of Life also recently celebrated their Fall Celebration with cake and a small party, shown below. Another photo shows Oleg Kyrylenko in his new adult-sized wheelchair which was purchased using TOUCH donations.

Cake and Festivities

New wheelchair for Oleg