The New Family Program

The New Family Program includes children and youth with at least one parent who is deceased, deprived of parental rights, in prison, or abandoned the family. The children are often cared for by a grandparent who lives on a small pension. The program provides a center where children may receive a hot meal, meet friends, study, take a shower, wash their clothes, and gain instruction in music, dance, art, sewing, languages, and computers.

Youth Performance

New Family Dancers and Singers

A Child’s Shopping Day



Shown here on the left is one of the New Family Program’s Activity Rooms.



Current Update, October, 2020:

Some of the activities of the New Family youth have been curtailed such as travel to music competitions. But the youth continue to practice and rehearse. Valentina shared that she has been reluctant to close the center during the pandemic situation because the children need the interaction and association. These photos (on the right) show the older young women dressed for a performance and younger children at the Center facility practicing a National dance.