The TOUCH Project

TOUCH, Take One Ukranian Child’s Hand, is a sponsorship program for Ukrainian children.  In 1999, Sabra Killen and Alice Rampton traveled to Uzhhorod, Ukraine to help distribute a shipment of humanitarian aid.  This shipment was one of many projects between Uzhhorod and Corvallis since the inception of their sister city relationship in 1989-90. Killen and Rampton visited three orphanages and recognized that there were many children with special needs.  Upon returning home, they envisioned a program that would help meet some of these specific needs.  To support these children, the concept of a sponsorship program was developed.

Under The TOUCH Project, five specific programs provide services to children in Uzhhorod.

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The New Family Program

Pavlovo Farm Home

The Chaslivtsi Boarding School



The Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities

Uzhhorod Public School #14

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