The TOUCH Project


TOUCH, Take One Ukranian Child’s Hand, is a sponsorship program for Ukrainian children.  In 1999, Sabra Killen and Alice Rampton traveled to Uzhhorod, Ukraine to help distribute a shipment of humanitarian aid.  This shipment was one of many projects between Uzhhorod and Corvallis since the inception of their sister city relationship in 1989-90. Killen and Rampton visited three orphanages and recognized that there were many children with special needs.  Upon returning home, they envisioned a program that would help meet some of these specific needs.  To support these children, the concept of a sponsorship program was developed.
Under The TOUCH Project, five specific programs, noted on the map to the right, provide services to children in Uzhhorod.
Click on any picture below to learn more  about each respective program.  Monthly updates of these programs are found under The TOUCH Newsletters in the above Uzhhorod menu bar.



The New Family Program

Pavlovo Farm Home

The Chaslivtsi Boarding School



The Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities

Uzhhorod Public School #14

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Would you like to see more pictures of our TOUCH children? Click on the picture here and scroll through the many delightful images of the children in the program.