Uzhhorod School #14

Public School #14 (PS#14) is a public school in Uzhhorod. The majority of students are of Roma ethnicity and many are from impoverished situations.  Donations are used to purchase books, supplies, playground equipment, musical instruments, and improve the school facilities.  An anonymous donor in The TOUCH Project provides bread and milk each morning for the children during the school year.  PS#14 is the oldest operating Roma school in Europe.

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PS #14 Orchestra

Student Learning Braille

Bread and Milk Program


Awards Luncheon & Certificates

Roma Dancing

Current Update, October, 2020:

The school has celebrated the opening of the new classroom paid for by TOUCH contributors. This has been very helpful for the students to have an additional classroom. The only concern is that one of the teachers has tested positive for the virus which caused a classroom to quarantine. Take a look at these photos including the courtyard with outdoor latrine and a broken pipe in 2006 and the same site in September 2020 with a brick courtyard and the new classroom in the backyard.

Courtyard and latrines in 2006.

Same courtyard with new classroom in background.

2006 Photo of behind the site where new classroom is located.

Principal Oxana Legeza on new entrance steps.

Public School #14 students inside the new classroom.

Oxana at the rear of the new classroom.