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Our Mission: To encourage lifelong connections and partnering together for a better future.

History  of CSCA-Uzhhorod

Uzhhorod, Ukraine became Corvallis’ sister city in 1989, some 30 years ago. To provide you with the scope of efforts over these years, we presented a timeline. On this timeline, you can read of the exchanges, activities, outreach efforts, fundraising, and learning that have happened over these many years.

Corvallis Sister Cities Association (CSCA) 1988 – 2005

Corvallis Sister Cities Association Uzhhorod Council (CSCA-UC) 2005-present

Uzhhorod Council of Advisors

The CSCA-Uzhhorod’s overall operations are managed by its Council of Advisors and is answerable to the CSCA Board of Directors.
The Council meets monthly and is comprised of the following:

Chair: Carol Trueba
Vice-Chair: April Fisher
Treasurer: Marni Odermann
Secretary: Linda Ahlvin
At-Large: Pete Bober, Marc Vomocil, Lynne Hindman, Sean Fleming, Danylo Oryshchyn
Advisors: Alice Rampton, Mark Rampton, Sabra Killen, Peggy Peirson, Katrina Pearson
Web Design & Development: Josh Armentano (Abidewebdesign)
Web Manager: Cole Petroccione

Key Milestones

1988      Nucleus of Association formed, and research begun on cities in every republic of the USSR.

1989      Uzhhorod, Ukraine chosen as best sister city possibility in the Soviet Union – City Council endorses relationship.  Oregon State University (OSU) President Robert McVicar submits CSCA Articles of Incorporation September 6.

1990      Corvallis Mayor Charles Vars leads first delegation to Uzhhorod, where he and Uzhhorod Mayor Emil Popovich sign a “Protocol of Intent to Establish Relations.”

1991      IRS grants 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to CSCA on April 1. First Presbyterian Church Choir includes Uzhhorod in its USSR tour. Uzhhorod State University student in Corvallis for an academic year at OSU sponsored by OSU and CSCA.

1992      Uzhhorod Mayoral delegation to Corvallis Mayors Landovsky and Vars sign sister city agreement March 27.  Sister Cities International (SCI) recognizes the Corvallis/Uzhhorod sister city relationship on May 14. Ken Trueba delivers a modem to Uzhhorod to facilitate our communications.

1993      CSCA sends first non-government delegation to Uzhhorod focused on medical, agriculture and internet.

1994      CSCA collects 27 tons of donated medical equipment as first shipment known as ATU (Aid to Uzhhorod).

1995      The first of many Uzhhorod medical staff (an orthopedic surgeon) visits Corvallis. ATU receives Best Single Project Award from SCI, the first of many SCI awards. Corvallis Altrusa member meets with newly formed Uzhhorod Altrusa. First three of many CSCA Uzhhorod high school exchanges students attend Corvallis area schools.

1996      Summer Youth Exchange – first of many youth exchanges between Corvallis and Uzhhorod.

1997      Uzhhorod Corvallis Sister Cities Association is registered as an official Ukrainian NGO.  First of many grants to serve Uzhhorod children with disabilities.

1999      CSCA receives three-year, $1.6 million AIHA grant for health program in Uzhhorod/Transcarpathia.

2001      14 Uzhhorod women attend training at OSU on neighborhood networking and emergency preparedness.  “Take One Ukrainian Child’s Hand” Project starts – first delegation travels to Uzhhorod. Thirteen Transcarpathian women spend one month in leadership training at OSU. The AIHA program opens Women’s Wellness Center in Uzhhorod and a Family Practice Clinic in Velyki Berezni.

2002      Corvallis-Uzhhorod Public Safety partnership formed. TOUCH project expands to include children with disabilities.

2003      CSCA receives first private foundation grant – $20,000 secured for TOUCH projects from Nu Skin Foundation. Uzhhorod Zonta Club chartered after substantial support from Corvallis Zonta Club. Corvallis-Uzhhorod Search and Rescue Alliance formed. Twelve Ukrainian tourism professionals attend three-week program at OSU.

2004      Two dental operatories opened in Uzhhorod funded by CSCA and other funders. Transparency Project brings five-member delegation from Uzhhorod – two members donate $1,000 dollars for OSU/LBCC Scholarships for women.

2005      CSCA produces Northwest tour of Uzhhorod’s 20-member a cappella, chamber choir Cantus. CSCA/TOUCH Project hosts first TOUCH delegation from Uzhhorod. CSCA acquires second sister city – Gondar, Ethiopia.

2006      First Sister Cities Week with Gondar and Uzhhorod Council participation. CSCA-UC hosts first of four Open World Delegations.


2008      Five Girl Scouts from Troop 199 travel to Uzhhorod with TOUCH Delegation. Maharimbas band travels to Uzhhorod playing at 16 venues and donate instruments to Youth Palace. CSCA Board adopts use of “Uzhhorod” (Ukrainian) rather than “Uzhhorod” (Russian).

2010      First Bograch Dinner to benefit CSCA (inspired by 2001 Uzhhorod Women’s Leadership Delegation’s fundraiser).

2014      CSCA-UC hosts first Corvallis Alumni event in Uzhhorod with over fifty people in attendance.

2015      CSCA By-laws revised creating Gondar & Uzhhorod “Councils” which report to the CSCA Board of Directors.  First of four Open World Uzhhorod-specific delegations awarded to CSCA-UC. Renowned Uzhhorod artist donates twin statues of the “The Thinker” to citizens of Corvallis and Uzhhorod. Uzhhorod National University Rector visits OSU and sign cooperation agreement with OSU President.

2016    Three medical students from College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Northwest travel to Uzhhorod

2017    CSCA initiates the support of an “Adopt a Road” program in Corvallis; CSCA  flag pole installed in Corvallis’ Central Park with flags from both Ukraine and Gondar

2018    Chimak, Ukrainian bicyclists cycling across the US to bring awareness to the Russia/Ukraine war are hosted

2019    First Social Entrepreneurship delegation arrives from Uzhhorod

2020    COVID 19 virus causes cancellation of many sister city projects; CSCA Board and Council meetings are held via ZOOM due to the COVID situation including the annual meeting.

2021    CSCA team travels to Uzhhorod on behalf of the TOUCH project.

2022    Invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022.
Ukrainian Refugee Fund set up in Corvallis.
3 separate CSCA teams visit Uzhhorod to determine needs.
Bedding, cookware, and other household items provided to IDPs.
Fundraising art show at New Morning Bakery.

2023    The Interfamily Clinic begins offering free medical care to IDPs.
Generators purchased to counteract electrical blackouts.
Women’s entrepreneurial classes provide financial support for families.
Musical instruments, summer camps, chess clubs, and craft workshops made available for IDP children.
Legal clinic established to address legal needs of IDPs.
600 first aid kits assembled in Corvallis and taken to Uzhhorod.
Over $100,000 of orthopedic supplies donated locally for an Uzhhorod hospital serving injured soldiers.
TOUCH project adds new collaboration with the Transcarpathian Specialized School for over 90 children with hearing loss.

2024    The free Interfamily Clinic in Uzhhorod begins offering trauma therapy.
3 separate CSCA teams visit Uzhhorod to assess programs and determine needs.
May: Uzhhorod photography exhibit by Sean Fleming at New Morning Bakery.


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