Corvallis and Uzhhorod Water Engineers


Corroded Pipe Systems

John Stephens, Water Engineer

The Water Project was initiated by the visit of two hydraulic engineers from the United States (Allen Davis, a board member and employee of CH2M HILL, a large international environmental engineering firm that has its roots in Corvallis, and Mike Larkin, who works for the Orange County Sanitation District in Southern California). During a two-week visit to Uzhgorod in September 2000, they evaluated the water supply and distribution system, set up a computer model of the distribution system, and wrote the skeleton of a master planning report.

In March 20001, a delegation came from Uzhgorod to Corvallis for two weeks. Two of the delegates, including the Director of the Vodokanal (water and sewer department), focused their attentions on learning more about American water engineering practices.

In 2002, John Stephens, a board member and retired Oregon State University facilities engineer, spent another two weeks in Uzhgorod further evaluating the water system and scoping out a project that involves replacing some brittle pipe that serves a school, high-rise apartments, and a hospital. Required funding to accomplish the project is approximately U.S. $100,000. Funding sources are currently being pursued. The Water Committee consists of Allen Davis, Chair, with John Stephens and Carol Paulson as members. For information, contact Allen Davis at